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Family Therapy

Compassionate, caring family therapy is an essential component of the healing process necessary for recovery from an eating disorder.

In many cases, families of those with eating disorders often feel overwhelmed, discouraged, angry and guilty.

The Eating Disorder Center of Fresno includes family members in the recovery process, as much as possible, through weekly family therapy sessions and inclusion into the multi-modal meal support family group process as well as other groups that are appropriate. Family therapy examines the structure of the family and the nature of relationships among family members. Through family therapy, patients acquire and express a sense of identity that is separate and distinct from their other family members.

We also assist families in learning about meal support. In family meal support, families learn how to eat with their family members instead of the eating disorder and provide positive guidance during meal times.


Co-Treat Therapy

The Eating Disorder Center of Fresno helps build a strong foundation in recovery by including rather than interrupting your treatment of your patient/client. You are invited to continue seeing your client at your office. You are invited to attend treatment teams to collaborate and coordinate care with us to ensure a seamless transition during discharge from us back to you. We also establish communication with previous providers to ensure continuity of care while in the program and upon discharge.