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We make the decision to enter treatment easier

All it takes is one call to be on the way to recovery. The entire staff at the Eating Disorder Center of Fresno is here to assist our patients and families. We are capable of answering all the questions or concerns about treatment options and costs. Our staff conducts an initial interview and intake assessment, and the findings will be discussed with you and your family. After you review the assessment with our clinical director, the EDCF staff will call your insurance company regarding benefits and arrange admission and authorization into the program.

Insurance & Payment Options

Paying for treatment should not be stressful or challenging. We conduct weekly communication with insurance providers and preauthorize treatment so there are no surprises. The Eating Disorder Center of Fresno is contracted with MOST insurance companies AND if there is no other provider within a catchment area you are entitled to your in network benefits with us even IF WE ARE NOT DIRECTLY CONTRACTED.




Coverage varies by insurance plans. However, an eating disorder is considered a parity diagnosis and a serious mental illness so coverage is required by the Affordable Health Care Act, and most likely you will have no co-pay.