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Recovery from an eating disorder is a unique process

There’s no single approach to treating an eating disorder that works. Treatment approaches are diverse, and plans are specifically developed for each individual and family through a “concierge” system that tailors the approach to exactly what is needed.

That’s why the Eating Disorder Center of Fresno is the choice for quality eating disorder treatment.

Partial Hospital/Day Programs
Intensive Outpatient Programs
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Discharge Planning/Aftercare Programs

The Eating Disorder Center of Fresno offers services to treat individuals and families with an eating disorder, including those with co-occurring disorders such as anxiety, depression, compulsive exercise, self-harm, trauma, and substance abuse. Our treatment philosophy addresses the symptoms and pre-existing conditions that are often central to the development of an eating disorder. An individualized treatment approach includes traditional treatment interventions as well as experiential treatment by our multi-disciplinary treatment team.

Treatment Approaches

The Eating Disorder Center of Fresno puts the focus on each patient’s physical condition and emotional needs. We create a personalized treatment plan with a systematic, therapeutic approach utilizing one or several of the following models:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Skills Training and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to improve the ability to cope with anxiety, interpersonal conflict, and eating-disordered thoughts while learning why triggers are triggers and relapse prevention.

Mindful Eating Model to increase the ability to recognize biological cues and reduce the use of eating disorder behaviors.

Exposure Therapy with Systematic Desensitization to build a more relaxed and natural relationship with food and to work on the underlying issues that fuel the eating disorder.

Expressive and Experiential Therapies to develop the ability to integrate mind and body, while improving body image and gaining acceptance.

Family Therapy to communicate more effectively in relationships and have the family learn the do’s and don’ts of recovering from an eating disorder.

Individual Psychotherapy to explore and discover your thoughts, feelings and wants of yourself and others so your behaviors are in harmony with your image of yourself.