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Every successful recovery journey is different.

Simply put, the Eating Disorder Center of Fresno connects with patients and families to address the core issues that cause the eating disorder. There is help. There is hope. We are here to walk through this with you on your journey, growing toward a life of hope and fulfilling health. Successful treatment of all facets of an eating disorder combines the best medical, nutritional and psychological interventions – and that means every personal journey to recovery will be unique. We will provide the necessary tools to develop an improved perspective and to begin living a meaningful life, free from the preoccupation that is the eating disorder. It’s a vision for treatment in a home-like environment that has led to successful treatment of hundreds of individuals and families in Central California and across the country.


At the Eating Disorder Center of Fresno we understand the tangled complexities of eating disorders, often from personal experiences. Our approach provides healing to the whole person – mentally, physically and spiritually.

Become nutritionally restored, medically restabilized, and safely supported as you work on your recovery

Focus on the symptoms and pre-existing conditions of your eating disorder

Gain individuality and autonomy while maintaining family collaboration and inclusion

Maintain recovery through involvement in our Aftercare Program

Be part of a strong therapeutic program structure that prevents eating disorder behaviors and restores your mind, body and spirit to health